This Is Not A Polo Shirt.

This Is Not A Polo Shirt. est la seconde ligne de Band Of Outsiders. A l'origine uniquement constituée de polos, la marque a peu à peu étoffé son offre. Elle propose désormais des silhouettes complètes aux lignes graphiques, aux coloris pop et aux inspirations sportswear.

This Is Not A Polo Shirt. is cult brand Band Of Outsiders colorful and sporty sibling. Can't say nothing better and more inspirational than the text on the tag label: "This Is Not A Polo Shirt. used to just be polo shirts but is now a full line of casual men's stuff that takes inspiration from great sporting and leisure clothes of the past that pretty much have nothing to do with the sport they're named after at this point but are just great clothes e.g. do you know anyone who plays polo?"

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